Sunday, October 25, 2015

Soccer and China Friends

Last weekend, Kyle and Connor both had soccer games, but I only had a chance to take pictures of Kyle's game.  Jeremy coaches Connor's team, so I have Paxton duty during Connor's games and can rarely get any pictures!

After soccer and lunch, Jeremy took the boys to the lake to go camping and I took Paxton to the airshow in Augusta to meet up with our friends the Fillebaums.  If you followed our China trip, you will remember the Fillebaums and their sweet daughter Anne Marie.  Courtney's sister lives in Augusta, so they were visiting for the weekend.  I was so glad that we were able to work it out to see each other!

Paxton looks mad because I had just bought him ice cream and stopped feeding it to him in order to take the picture!

The boys had a great time camping and Pax and I had a great time visiting our friends and then a quiet evening at home!

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