Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Connor has become quite the reader in the past few months.  He was already reading really well, but he had no desire to just sit and read for long periods of time.  However, recently he has been reading all the time.  He has flown through several chapter books lately and read all of one of the Magic Tree House books in one afternoon recently!  We find him reading all the time.  I think one of the things that has helped build his love for reading is independently reading his Action Bible.  We have an Action Bible that the boys read with Jeremy every night before bed and Connor has always enjoyed it, but over the past few months, he has started to really read it independently all the time.  I think it has built his reading confidence and given him a desire to read more challenging books.  And, he knows the Bible so well!

One of the other advantages to Connor's love for reading is that he is instilling it into Kyle, too.  Every day, Kyle gets Connor's AR books out of his backpack and goes to "read" them himself.  He cannot actually read now, but his love for books is growing right along with Connor's.

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