Thursday, December 17, 2015

Busy December

I feel like this month has been busy and is flying by!  But, sadly, I have not taken a lot of pictures, which explains the lack of posting lately.  However, this week, I made up for that and I have taken a few pictures.

First up, just a few cute pictures of Paxton on the train table!

By the way, his shirt says, "Totally worth the Wait!"  And, he is!  I cannot imagine our lives without him.  He has brought so much joy and happiness and laughter to our lives.  Life with three is hard, but so incredibly worth it!  He is completely worth it!

On Wednesday, Kyle had his preschool Christmas program.  We expected Kyle to stand on stage and act like a robot, but he did actually move his mouth a little bit!  But, the cutest part was when he went on stage and the teachers were arranging everyone.  He found us and Paxton saw him.  Oh, the excitement from Paxton was adorable!  He couldn't stop waving and laughing and smiling!  And, Kyle's reaction to him was just as precious!  These two were meant to be brothers!  Paxton loves his brothers so much and they love him just as much!

Paxton and Baby Gray (our friends the Janik's little boy)...

Such a sweet smile!


These pictures are terrible, but I had to capture Paxton's precious excitement when he saw Kyle coming and going from the stage!

On Wednesday night, we met the Janiks and the Stuckeys at Lights of the South.  We had such a great time!

Sliding with Baby Gray!

No one is looking, but I LOVE this one!

All the kiddos!

The Stuckeys

And, the Janiks

Tomorrow is a half day of school for Connor, so only a half day longer until Christmas break!  We cannot wait!

Merry Christmas!

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