Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Rest of Christmas Day

We spent much of Christmas afternoon outside.  The weather was GORGEOUS and 80 degrees!  Connor received a real bow and arrow for Christmas and he took to it like he had been practicing archery his entire life!  He is really good!  Interestingly, he shoots left handed.  He writes right handed, but he bats in baseball left handed and apparently, he shoots archery left handed, too.

Kyle, also, received a bow and arrow, but his has a suction cup on the end!

Paxton had a good time playing in the water table that was full of rain water!  He was soaked when we went inside!

Jeremy and I shot a few, too.  Connor is so much better than me!

Silly Kyle...

And, this is how Kyle wore his shoes...

Our friends, the Forsythes, came over for Chistmas dinner.  The SEVEN kids ran around and played (well, six ran and around, one is 6 months old!).  And, the adults enjoyed a really nice dinner together!  10 months ago, the Forsythes moved to Missouri.  I was so sad for Annette to leave.  Thankfully, God led them back to Georgia a few weeks ago and we hope they are here to stay!  We are so thankful to have them home!

We celebrated Jesus' birthday with the Forsythes with a Happy Birthday cake!  The kids blew out the candles!

We had a wonderful Christmas!

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