Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas in Huntsville

We had a wonderful week in Huntsville with Jeremy's family!  Connor, Kyle, and Paxton had so much fun with their cousins!  It is great to watch the SIX of them together.  Six kids between the ages of 18 months and 10 years old, but they all have such a great time together.

We arrived on Monday evening.  Bob's sister, Francis, had spent Christmas with Bob and Ann, so we were able to spend a couple of days with her before she flew home.  Francis is an amazing pianist.  Connor showed interest in learning to play a song on the piano, so Francis taught him the beginning of "Joy to the World".  He quickly caught on and did a great job!

It was great to watch Francis interact with our kids.  They loved getting to know her better and spending time with her.  Paxton became very comfortable wit her, she taught Connor some piano, and played micro-machines with Kyle.

Mimi has a carousel that goes round and round and plays music.  Paxton LOVED it!

He also loved playing the piano!

Ann makes beautifully decorated Christmas cookies every year.  She makes so many different designs and is so creative with the decorating.  Earlier this year someone was selling China cookie cutters as an adoption fundraiser, so I ordered on for Ann.  She made three awesome China cookies that showed our route in China...Beijing to Nanjing to Lianyungang back to Nanjing to Guangzhou to Hong Kong!

Bob and Ann wanted the kids to experience singing Christmas carols with sheet music since most music that they hear now at church or elsewhere does not have sheet music.  So, on Tuesday night, we all sang carols to Francis playing the piano.

And, we finished singing with Evie playing the last song!  She is one talented little pianist!

Opening presents...

Bob and Ann recently bought some land on a mountain in Tennesee.  They are planning to build a cabin on it soon, but right now, it is "the land".  We went to check it out on Thursday.  It was so much fun.  The kids had a great time exploring!


We had so much fun!  Thank you, Mimi and Bobbles, for a wonderful week!  

(Birthday pictures will be posted separately sooner or later!).

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