Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chinese New Year and Valentines

On Saturday, we went to a Chinese New Year's celebration with a lot of other adoptive families in our area.  While we were in China, we bought Paxton a few little Chinese outfits in various sizes, so he wore one on Saturday night. He was so cute!  I tried to take some pictures of him before we left to go, but he was too busy trying to run around to get anything decent.  I hope to take him somewhere pretty this spring to take pictures of him in his sweet outfit!

Group photo of the kids!  So thankful for each of these families that have said YES to God's call to adopt!  

Friday is Connor and Kyle's class Valentine's parties, so we have had to spend time getting the Valentine's ready.  I wrote Kyle's classmates' names on his cards, but he had to write his name on them himself. 

Color and Black/White

Paxton loves to color, so he had to have his own paper and crayon to color while Kyle did his cards. 

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Mrs. Filly said...

Kylen writes her "y" just like Kyle! I tried to correct it with no luck. I'm glad to see it must be a kid thing ha :). I LOVE pax's Chinese outfit!! I didn't see that one there! Adorable!