Friday, March 25, 2016

Hodge Podge of Photos

I had some of these photos sitting on my camera for several days and then I moved them to my computer a few days ago, but only edited the ones I posted a few days ago from going to get ice cream.  The rest of the pictures have just sat there waiting...waiting for life to slow down.  So, tonight, I finally sat down with enough time and energy to edit a few photos.

I have begun to LOVE black and white photos (as you can tell from so many of my posts).  Sometimes I can't decide if I like the BW or the color better.  They each have their own dynamic that makes the photo come alive to me, so sometimes I post both!

I just love this one and the next few.  I love seeing Paxton running down the hill, Kyle about to do a cartwheel, and Connor rolling down the hill!  There is so much life in these boys and I'm so thankful to get to witness it!

One night we went to get yogurt after dinner.  Yes, I know we have gotten frozen treats a lot lately based on the last post and this one, but it is such a fun time to get to spend together!

Paxton is MR. INDEPENDENT!  He has to do everything by himself, but it is so cute to watch him eat ice cream!

Ahhh...Kyle's facial exressions!

And, now Pax is eating C or K's leftovers!

On Tuesday night, I was able to go to Mills' baseball game.  Jane Anne couldn't make it to Augusta for his game because Andrew and Davis had a big game and Rob was coaching golf.  So, I said I would go.  Jeremy was able to get the boys from me, so that I could actually enjoy the game and watch it without distraction.  Thank you, Jeremy!  Mills' team won...BIG!!  

Target pictures...

I hope you have had a great week and that you have a great weekend celebrating our Savior's resurrection!

This weekend is extra special to me because one year ago tomorrow we received a file for a sweet nine month old baby boy.  I am so incredibly thankful for a Savior who died on the cross to forgive me for my sins and for a God who has ADOPTED me as his daughter just like Jesus is His son making me a co-heir with Christ!  Adoption is the heart of the gospel!  And, I am so thankful for a God who put adoption on our hearts and led us to our third child!  Our God is GOOD!

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