Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The boys and I got home from the park this after noon around 1:30.  Paxton and I went to the mailbox to get the mail and did not see anything unusual.  At 3:30, the boys and I opened the garage again to go somewhere and I immediately saw BEES!  Lots and lots of bees!

I called Jeremy and told him about it.  Then, I sent him a picture and he realized just how many bees I was talking about!  He started trying to figure out what to do about them.  He told some of the guys in the office about it.  One guy who happened to hear about it said that he had an aunt who was a beekeeper.  This guy got in touch with his aunt and she was able to come over tonight and remove the bees for us!  

We learned a lot about bees.  When a hive gets too full and too big, the queen bee and half of the hive leave the hive to build a new hive.  They swarm (like this) and send out scout bees to find the perfect place to build their hive.  Most likely, the bees would have left soon if we had not had them removed, but beekeepers try to keep bees safe due to the benefits that bees provide everyone (they pollinate fruits and vegetables which provide food for humans).  Pesticides and other things have damaged the bee population, so beekeepers try to preserve bees when they can (like today).

Our beekeeper!

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