Saturday, May 7, 2016

Lunch Date and Haircut

The best lunch dates...

Doesn't the look between those two just melt your heart!  

Paxton HATES having his hair cut.  I had the lady that cuts my hair trim the back of his one time with the trimmers and he was TERRIFIED!  I honestly believe that it is a traumatic experience because his hair was shaved fairly close regularly in China.  He even had a cut on his head when we got him that I believe was from his most recent haircut.  So, I have cut his hair since that first experience.  And, he still hates it, but he tolerates it somewhat.  And, when I say cut, I really mean trim.  He really doesn't allow much time for a real cut, but I trim it just a little.  

Yesterday, I decided to cut it in the garage and take some photos while I did it to show how "fun" it is to cut his hair!  I set my camera's interval timer and let it take shots ever 30 seconds while I cut it.  Here are a few from his hair cut.  Definitely not the best photographic work, but still fun to show how he does!

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Kimberly said...

Kasey! This was such a precious post. I am not kidding. My eyes got watery. A little because it makes me sad that we couldn't be closer while we raised our babies. You are one precious momma! And this whole reel was so real and adorable.