Thursday, June 23, 2016

BIrthday Fun

We had such a great time celebrating our two year old!  I went a little crazier than I normally do with this birthday because I was so excited to be able to celebrate Paxton!  This past year of him being home has been amazing and with his birthday so close to our one year Paxton Day, I just wanted to celebrate big with friends and family.  We invited Jeremy's family for the weekend (unfortunately Andy and Abby live too far away, but we can't wait to see them in July at the beach) and other family members came for a party a Saturday.  We had such a great time celebrating him and enjoying our family!

On Saturday at lunchtime, we had a family party.

Paxton LOVED opening his presents.  He really enjoyed being the center of attention!  Most kids, especially kids his age, ignore birthday cards.  But, he LOVED the birthday cards.  He loved opening the envelopes and he loved looking at every single card!

The best part of his birthday has been watching him react to people singing "Happy Birthday" to him.  He loves it!  He smiles and sways and claps at the end!  And, now he wants me to sing it all the time!  And, of course, I do!

Look at that face!  Pure joy as we sing to him!!

I am so proud of him because he blew his candles out every time (we did the blow out thing several times over the past few days!).  With a cleft, blowing is a big, BIG deal and he had no trouble blowing his candles out!

We were so thankful for a reprive of the 100 degree days over the weekend.  The temperature was really nice during the weekend and we spent a lot of time outside.  Paxton received several outdoor toys (lawn mower, ride-on toy, bubble machine, bubbles, sand box) and we got a badminton set to put in the backyard.  Badminton was a huge hit with the kids!  Connor has especially enjoyed it!  And, it was fun to watch all of them improve over the weekend.

He loves a backpack!

After Paxton's nap, we went to the pool for a while.

Paxton did not get as long of a nap as usual, so after a while he curled up on Bobbles lap for a little while.  I don't think Bobbles minded too much!

But, he doesn't sit still long, so eventually, he wanted to climb the lifeguard stand.

On Sunday, we went to lunch before everyone headed home.

It was such a fun weekend!  We are so thankful for each and every family member that came to celebrate and we are so thankful that Jeremy's family was able to come for the weekend!  We are excited to see everyone at the beach in July and to get these six cousins back together again.  They are so much fun to watch together.  They all get along so well and have the best time together.  It's been fun to watch Paxton fit right in with them.  He adores his cousins and loved having them around for the weekend!

Thank you to all of our family for making Paxton's birthday so special!

On Tuesday night, we celebrated Paxton with friends.  We are so thankful for our friends who love us like family.  They have all been such huge supporters of our adoption and have helped us so much with prayers, love, meals, and more.  We wanted to celebrate Paxton and also thank these friends who have been a huge part of our lives these last two years (through the adoption process and our first year home).

We had pizza and played.  The kids played inside and outside and everyone had such a great time!

Again, Paxton LOVED being serenaded!

Look at that smile!


We asked that no one bring presents, but our sweet friends The Janiks brought him a small gift bag with his favorite things...snacks and bubbles!  Micah gave him some fruit snacks, goldfish, and cookies and a bubble wand.  He loved this gift so much!

We are so thankful to get to celebrate our sweet boy with our friends and family!  We have been so blessed with love and support from friends and family and celebrating Paxton for his birthday after almost a year home was just a sweet, special time.

Thank you to everyone who took time to celebrate with us!  We love you all!