Saturday, June 11, 2016

Almost Two

We will celebrate our little guy's birthday next Friday (and for the next several days after), but honestly, his birthday could be any day around now. We will never know his exact birth date. But, there is a mom in China who knows the exact date and who, I believe, is remembering during this month the son she birthed and loves and cared for during the first couple of weeks of life. We are grateful that she chose life for our son. In a country where all medical cost must be paid up front even for the many without insurance, she may have seen no way to keep him knowing the surgeries be faced. I pray that God will give her peace that her son is loved and thriving and happy. I am so thankful to be his Mommy, but I pray for the mom on the other side of the world who may be grieving over the next few weeks as she thinks about this time of year two years ago.

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