Friday, June 3, 2016


We returned last night from a week in Arizona visiting Jeremy's parents.  Jeremy's parents live in Alabama, but his dad works in Arizona.  We lived out there for a year before we had children and really enjoyed our time out there.  So, we decided to spend a long Memorial Day weekend visiting Bob in Arizona.  We flew out last Friday morning from Atlanta.  Ann took a flight from Huntsville to Atlanta and met us in Atlanta to fly the rest of the way with us.


Connor and Kyle started a thing where they give big hugs and say "Best Buddies" so you will see that pose in numerous photos in this post!

All three boys did really great on the flight.  Connor and Kyle are experts on airplanes.  They have flown more in their short lives than I had when Jeremy and I got married!  Paxton did well, too.  He slept a little, moved back and forth from me to Jeremy to Ann, and snacked a good bit.  He only had one restless period that didn't last too long.  Overall, we were really proud of how well he did on a four hour flight!

On Saturday morning, we went to the Chandler Airport.  There is a great little breakfast/lunch place there that Bob knew about, so we decided to eat breakfast there.  The boys were up extra early because of the jet lag, so we got an early start.  At the cafe, you can see the small planes coming and going.  All three boys enjoyed it, but especially Paxton!

After breakfast, we were able to go into one of the hangers to see some of the airplanes up close.

After breakfast, we went swimming at Bob's apartment.

Paxton mimics everything, so when he saw Kyle jumping in the pool, he thought he could do it, too!

After swimming, we started getting ready for lunch and Connor threw up!  It was a one time thing and he seemed to feel better pretty quickly afterwards.   At that point, I assumed he just had a bad reaction to jet lag since he didn't get sick again and never acted sick.  So, after lounging around all afternoon, he felt up for going to an outdoor shopping area to eat dinner.  This area has lots of different restaurants, so we could all choose where we wanted to eat and meet in the middle to eat together.  

Paxton saw a bird!

He adores Bobbles!

Since Connor was feeling better, we headed to Sedona for a Pink Jeep Tour!  Jeremy and I had done a Pink Jeep Tour when we visited Sedona when we lived in Phoenix 9 years ago and we loved it.  So we decided to do one with the kids and Mimi and Bobbles.  The ride was super bumpy, but we all enjoyed it.  Connor, Kyle, and Paxton really loved it!  

It was such a fun day trip!

Monday morning we woke up and went over to a park across the street from Bob's apartment complex.  Bob's apartment is actually across the street from the Chicago Cub's Spring Training facility.  The park is part of the whole complex.  There is an impressive spider web climbing area with one part being three stories high.  Don't worry...there was no way I would have let Connor or Kyle go on it that high!  There was a zip line and several rock climbing type of areas.  There was also a splash pad that was very impressive.  Honestly, the whole park was more impressive than any we had ever visited!

So, there was this round wheel thing that we didn't really know what to do with until we saw a little girl get in it and her dad spun her around so incredibly fast.  It was amazing.  So, Jeremy took a go at it!  He only went around once, but it was fun to watch!  The blue part is stationary, but the green part inside spins.

After playing on the playground and the splash pad, we headed over to the ponds that are full of fish and people can fish in them.  Too bad we didn't have the boys' fishing rods!

On Monday afternoon we headed to a place I had read about called Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert.  I highly recommend it if you are ever in the Phoenix area!  We had a great time and enjoyed some good food!  We ate at picnic tables outside and let the boys run around and play.

Dinosaur Connor...

Dinosaur Connor and Kyle...

Best Buddies!

Love these boys!

Monday afternoon Bob and Jeremy took Connor and Kyle to the Hall of Flame Firetruck Museum.  They all had a great time!  After the Hall of Flame, they stopped by Bob's office to show it to the boys.  The boys really enjoyed it and they had a pretend meeting while there.  After that, they pretended to run a business, WFT...White Family Technologies!

Monday night we headed to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner.  Unfortunately Bob started feeling bad, but we had a nice dinner anyway.  No pictures though!

Then, on Monday night, Paxton woke up in the middle of the night throwing up!  By Tuesday morning, Bob and Paxton were both very sick with the stomach virus.  So, Connor's sickness from Saturday must have been a minor version of the stomach virus, but Bob and Paxton got it much worse.  They spent all day Tuesday sick.  At that point, we decided we should call Delta to figure out our options if we could not fly home on Wednesday.  They suggested that we go ahead and delay our flights until Thursday and they waived the change fee, so we only had to pay the difference in ticket prices, which wasn't much at all.  We were so thankful that it didn't cost much to make the change and we had an extra day to be well.  

By Wednesday morning, everyone was well again.  Paxton felt better, but he was definitely weaker than normal and didn't have much appetite.  Bob needed to work, so the rest of us headed to breakfast and then to the Stillman McCormick Railroad Park.  This is always one of my favorite places to visit when we are in Phoenix and this trip did not disappoint at all!

We loved taking a couple of trips on the train.

There was a new model train area that we had not seen before, but we loved it.  It was huge and had so many interactive areas and interesting displays.  Paxton's favorite part of that area was the miniature trolley.  It was perfect for his size!

Unfortunately, Ann started feeling bad on Wednesday afternoon!  So, four out of seven down.  I prayed and prayed that we would stay well enough to head home on Thursday.  Praise God!  We did!  On Thursday afternoon, we flew back to Atlanta.  Thankfully, Paxton slept a good bit of the trip home and did great while he was awake, too.  It was our best flight with him!  After flying into Atlanta, my parents met us with our car and we drove home.  We got home after 11:00 p.m. and the boys went straight to bed.  Thankfully, due to exhaustion and jet lag, they slept until at least 10:00 a.m. this morning!  Unfortunately, Jeremy had to go to work though.

Ann is now feeling better and we will see both Bob and Ann in two weeks when they come to see us for Paxton's second birthday!  

Thank you, Mimi and Bobbles, for a great trip!  We are so glad that we got to come visit Arizona again!  We had a wonderful adventure!

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