Thursday, June 2, 2016

Catching Up

The last day of school was almost two weeks ago, but I am just getting around to posting these pictures.  Kyle had a little program in his classroom followed by a pizza party with his class.

Paxton can't pass up a slice of pizza!

We went to the splash pad at the park on our first day of Summer Vacation.  Paxton had never played in the water at the splash pad before, but he loved it!  He was nervous at the big water spouts, but he had a good time!

One night we had a celebration pizza picnic with Connor's baseball team.  After dinner, we had a kids vs. dads wiffle ball game!  

I tried to keep Paxton off of the field, but he loves his daddy so much!  He even has to stand like him!

Our first couple of weeks of summer have been a lot of fun!

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