Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beach Trip (Post #1 of 3)

We spent last week in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  We absolutely love the 30-A area!  We missed the annual White Family Beach Trip last year because we arrived back in the US with Paxton the day before the beach trip started.  Actually, the Whites all headed down to Florida directly from the airport after they welcomed us home.  Even though we did a long weekend to Myrtle Beach last year at Labor Day, we had really missed the gulf coast beach last year.  The Atlantic cost just doesn't compare to the Gulf coast for us!

I was excited to take some family photos on the beach this year.  Unfortunately, I am having some focus issues with my camera and many of my shots did not end up in focus.  We also went out a little later than we should have so the light was not what I had hoped.  I definitely got a few shots I am happy with though.

They both had to do some "Super Hero poses" for the pictures, too!

Connor and Kyle wanted a super hero pose picture together and Paxton had to join in the fun!

More pictures in two additional posts!

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Kimberly said...

Gosh, your family is so beautiful!