Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fourth of July Weekend Fun

We started our Fourth of July weekend by heading to Lake Burton in North Georgia for a China Reunion with two other families that we got to know in China.  We had such a great time with the Fillebaums and Claytons in China, but the three mamas have certainly bonded over texts throughout the year as we have learned how to be adoptive mamas.  I am so thankful for these ladies and their families!  We got together with them in November for our first reunion.  We had all been home for four months.  Now, we have been home for almost a year and we have two year olds.  We were able to celebrate our babies' two year birthdays and one year home, as well as one year of friendship!

We enjoyed cookie cake as we celebrated these sweet babies!

We had such a fun day of swimming, tubing, boating, fishing, playing, eating, laughing, and celebrating!

Isn't this the coolest fire pit!?  We actually cooked dinner on it.  It has large grill grates that go on top that we grilled on for dinner.  So neat and fun!

(Kids were not allowed inside the black circle).

After dinner, we went back on the boat and headed to the middle of the lake for the fireworks show!  It was a lot of fun to watch the fireworks from the middle of the lake.  The kids really enjoyed it!  We had a really late night, so after the fireworks, we headed back to the house for bed.  There were 16 of us sleeping in a three bedroom house, but we made it work and it worked great!  Connor and one of the other older kids were going to sleep in a tent outside.  Connor fell asleep pretty quickly, but the other little boy got scared because people were still shooting fireworks.  He headed inside, so Jeremy got Connor up and moved him inside, too, and both big kids slept on the couches in the den.  

We woke up and had breakfast and played around a little before heading home on Sunday morning.

We have ten children between the three families.  And, they all got along so well!  

This is the three mamas with our babies on Sunday.

And, this was us in China, 11 1/2 months ago!

Can you believe how much these babies have changed!?  The hair alone is amazing!  But, they have all just blossomed so much.  They know family and love and forever!  They have all grown in size and personality and accomplishments.  They are just the cutest babies then and now!

We had such a great time and we hope to have another reunion sooner than later!  We love our China friends!

On Monday, July 4th, we headed to my cousin Jane Anne's house for lunch and swimming.  We love having them close enough to celebrate with now!  My parents met us there and then came back to our house for the night.  We went to get yogurt after dinner and then went to the fireworks.  The next morning, the boys and I got up and headed back to LaGrange with my parents for the week.

Kyle has become quite the little swimmer this summer!

Connor enjoyed playing pool volleyball!

July the Fourth marked the last holiday that we would celebrate as a "first" for Paxton.  He has now been with us for a full year of holidays!  Last year we were preparing to head to China five days later and we were so excited for our Paxton Day that would be nine days later!  This year, we have celebrated a year of holidays with our little guy!

Six BOY cousins!

The next two are a little out of focus, but worth keeping for memories sake!

We hope that your Fourth of July weekend was as much fun as ours and filled with friends and family like ours!