Thursday, September 22, 2016

Paxton's Life Book

Throughout our home study and then during one of our post-adoption visits, our social worker mentioned creating a Life Book of some kind for Paxton.  A Life Book in the adoption world is typically a book that provides the details of a child's life before adoption, as well as the adoption process.  Some people do their books in a scrapbook, some do a photo book, some do a mixture.  I chose to use Blurb because I have done photos books every year for myself, my inlaws, and my parents through Blurb.  I knew I wanted to put all of the details from Paxton's file into the book, photos that we had of him in the orphanage, blog posts from our adoption process and trip, and photos from our journey.  I knew the book would be a combination of lots of text and lots of photos.

I wrote the book to Paxton.  Unless I used a blog post, I wrote the words to him.  "You were found...".  "You were named...".  I wanted this book to be personalized for him.  This is HIS book.  This is a book for Paxton to know HIS story.  When I included blog posts, I noted that the following text was from our blog.  Otherwise, I wrote the book to Paxton.

I included everything I could from his file, from questions we asked in our updates, and from Half the Sky reports that we received after we adopted him.  While we were waiting to travel, we were able to request a USB to be sent to the orphanage so that they could give us any photos they had of Paxton from the first year of his life.  This USB was a treasure to us.  There were less than 100 photos and some were repeats of photos we already had, but these photos gave us a glimpse at his life before us.  I included many of these photos, including photos of Paxton with his foster family.  I am so thankful to have these and to be able to show him photos of people who cared for him before he came home.

I blogged throughout our adoption process, so I included many of the blog posts, from our announcement to the world that we were adopting, to our announcement of receiving Pre-Approval for our son.  I, also, blogged throughout our trip to China and included many of those blogs.  I am so thankful that I blogged during the whole process and during the trip to China.  It helped me to remember everything and it helped me to make the book with as many details as I could.  I wanted Paxton to be able to get a feel for what we were feeling and going through during our 11 1/2 month process to adopt.  

I included photos at the end from the first couple of months home.  And, I included our adoption timeline at the end.

I was able to purchase a PDF of the book when I ordered the hard back book.  It was only a few dollars and I wanted it to be saved on a USB in our safe with all of the other things we have from his adoption.  When he is older, he may want it on his own computer or to be able to share it with others, so I did choose to add this option.

The book is about 200 pages long.  Yes, very long!  But, I wanted to include everything I could.  And, I purchased it during a 40% off sale with Blurb.  Their books are so nice and professional looking!

I pray that this book will become familiar to Paxton so that he always knows his story.  Part of his story is abandonment and brokenness, but his story is also full of love and care.  I pray that he will always know that he is loved and cherished by us and God.  And I pray that he can see his history includes people who loved and cared for him before he came home to us.

I hope that Paxton loves this book as much as I do as he gets older!

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