Friday, September 2, 2016


August felt like a LONG month.  It seemed to arrive fast and then drag to an end.  It was a good month, but a busy month full of activities and school and homework.  Summer was way too short.  I could have used an extra month of summer!  But, school started and we are now four weeks into the school year.  

Connor started the school year with one teacher, spent two weeks getting used to that teacher and her class.  Then, two weeks in, the school added an additional third grade teacher and they moved Connor to the new class.  So, for the last two weeks, that teacher has been getting adjusted to her new class and playing catch up to get all of the kids to the same place.  Thankfully, Connor has a very go with the flow attitude with things like this and he has adjusted well.

Kyle has enjoyed his teacher and is doing well at school, but he definitely would rather not go to school or at least not go every day.  Kindergarten is more work and less play, which doesn't suit Kyle, but he's doing well overall. 

Paxton's favorite part of the day is when we are in car line to get Kyle and later to get Connor and I roll the window down for him to look for his brother who is waiting.  He spots them and get so excited!  He starts laughing, squealing, and waving!  He adores his brothers so much!

I am so thankful for these three and their love for each other!  

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