Saturday, October 1, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday, Kyle!

Happy Birthday, Kylio!  We love you so much!  We are so thankful for YOU!

I have enjoyed watching you this year as you have grown more into your role as middle brother!  You are so perfect as a middle brother.  You love having a big brother.  You love Connor and want to be JUST like him...even to the point that it sometimes drives him crazy!  But, you imitate him because you adore him!

And, you love being a big brother, too!  You adore Paxton and he adores you!  He wants to be just like you and you LOVE teaching him new things.  Every afternoon when I get Paxton up from his nap, you want to be the first one in to wake him up!  You always give Paxton a hug when you get out of the van to go to school, but on Monday, you forgot to give him a hug.  After the door closed, Paxton started boo-hooing and reaching for you saying, "hug" so very pitifully!  He would not stop until we parked, got out of the car, and walked into your school to give you a hug!

I recently asked you what your favorite thing is about each of your brothers.  You said that your favorite thing about Connor is that he is really funny.  Then, you said that your favorite thing about Paxton is that he gives the best hugs!

You are one of those people who doesn't need a lot of good friends.  You are perfectly happy with a few really good friends.  And, once you make a good friend, you are so very loyal and true to them!  However, you are kind and sweet to everyone.  You have a good heart and you treat others well.  You are happy to play with anyone and will include anyone who wants to play with you.

You are learning and growing so much and it is so fun to watch.  You are doing a great job in Kindergarten!  You had a hard time starting five day a week school this year.  Although you still go to the preschool you have always attended and you only go from 9-1, you had a hard time transitioning from going every other day to going every day.  On the second day of school you said, "I have to go again!?"  And, you have spent many mornings complaining about having to go AGAIN.  But, when you are there, you always have a great day!

K3 and K4 were mostly play with a little bit of learning thrown in, but Kindergarten is mostly learning with a little bit of play thrown in.  This transition was hard for you!  You LOVE to play!  You love to use your imagination.  And, you have one BIG imagination!  One of the things that I love about you is that you are ALWAYS a character.  About a hundred times a day you say, "I am..." and you name a character.  Spiderman, Batman, an Army man, a painter, and the list goes on and on and on!  When we were doing the photo session for these six year photos, you were constantly someone or something different.  You were The Flash, Superman, a gorilla, and several more!

I really enjoyed spending the evening with you for your pictures, dinner, and shopping!  You were so talkative and happy!  You talk all the time!  And, you don't really care if anyone is listening and you go from one topic to another lightening fast, but it is so cute to hear your voice and watch your enthusiasm for life!

You love little treasures.  You come home from school with wood chips, acorns, and sticks.  You try to bring all of them inside, but I usually won't let you bring everything inside, so you keep them in a special place in the garage.  On the night of the photoshoot, you found a rock and a wand (a stick) that you had to bring home!  I have to be careful to check pockets when I wash clothes because I have washed a lot of wood chips lately!

God put you exactly where He knew you would thrive in our family!  He knew you would be a great little brother and a great big brother!  He knew you needed to be a little brother AND a big brother!  Connor and Paxton are blessed to have you as their brother!  

And, we are so thankful that God chose us to be your parents!  We hope that you have a wonderful, special day.  We hope that you feel as loved and adored as you are!  

Happy Sixth Birthday, Kyle!!!  We love you!

Look at this cutie five years ago for Kyle's One Year Photo Shoot!

Photo by Sarah Thompson

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