Monday, October 3, 2016

Kyle's Birthday Party

On Saturday afternoon, we had a few of Kyle's friends over for a birthday party.  We kept it simple and did a backyard birthday party!  We started off with an obstacle course and then just let the kids play!  They played so hard and had so much fun that many of them did not even want cupcakes and ice cream!

We had several ideas for the obstacle course and with the help of a few items from Cerie Godfrey's basement, we were able to make a pretty fun course!  Cerie is our long-time family friend who lives a few doors down from my parents.  She is a former P.E. teacher and has a basement full of games, toys, and activities from her teaching days.  When I started coming up with the obstacle course, I knew I wanted at least one hula-hoop, but ideally several.  Instead of buying them, I asked if we could borrow some from Cerie.  She sent them with my mom along with more ideas for the obstacle course and lots of cones!  My (awesome) parents went by an appliance store in LaGrange and brought with them a giant stove box for us to use as a tunnel.

We started the obstacle course at the rock wall on our playground.  The kids had to climb the rock wall, go down the slide and through the box tunnel that was decorated with streamers.

After the tunnel, they had to throw balls through the hula hoop that was tied to the pitch back and then they had to hop through hula hoops that were zip-tied together.

Then, they had three shots at corn hole.  Even if they missed, they could move on to the next station.  After corn hole, they followed the cones around the tree and to the balance beam that was made of a 2x4.  Then, they had target practice using a nerf gun full of bullets and they had to shoot down a pyramid of cups off of a table.

They finished back at the playset where a BB-8 pinata was hanging.  They each could take two swings at the pinata to end their turn.

After everyone had a chance to run the obstacle course, we let Kyle finish off the pinata!

We kept the food simple with just cupcakes and ice cream with chocolate chips, M&Ms, and sprinkles for toppings.

Connor had to pull Paxton back before he blew out the candles.  He thought it was his birthday again!  He wanted to blow out the candles and open the presents!

The Birthday Boy

After everyone else left, we attempted one photo of Austin, Anna Liz, and Cody with our three!

Kyle's birthday party was a lot of fun!  I think that all of the kids had a really great time just getting to run around and play!  They did the obstacle course, they played with nerf guns and swords, they played on the playset. they ran around, and they had a great time!

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