Wednesday, November 30, 2016

We Could Have Missed This

Well, I didn't finish the month strong with my "We Could Have Missed This" posts due to travel and life, but I loved posting when I did.  I posted on Instagram and on this blog for the first three weeks of the month and hundreds of other parents posted "We Could Have Missed This" moments, too.  I have loved reading the posts and seeing pictures on Instagram!  And, now, one of the moms has written a blog post for No Hands But Ours (an adoption website with so much information about adoption, specifically China adoption and special needs adoption).  She asked several moms for quotes and photos (including me) to use with the "We Could Have Misssed This" theme.  I encourage you to check out her post and see what could have been missed!

If you are ever interested in adoption or curious about it, please let us know!  We are more than happy to talk to you about our experience and point you towards resources that helped us!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Catching Up

A few from a few weeks ago...

Kyle and two of his buddies...

Monday, November 21, 2016

We Could Have Missed This (Post #21)

Nothing has come easy for Paxton.  
Speech definitely doesn't come easy and he has to work on every single sound.  He does speech twice a week with a Speech Therapist, but he also works every single day with every single sound he attempts to produce.  We push him and encourage him.  He gets frustrated.  He tries harder.  And, when he accomplishes something, he cheers and we cheer!  It is hard for this mama to watch her baby struggle with something that is so hard for him, but so easy and natural for most people.  I wish it would come easier for him. I wish that he could communicate better with us.  I wish that I could take the struggle away from him.  But, I know that God can use his experience and his perseverance to make him into the man that God wants him to be.  He will be a world changer.  He's already changed our world for the better!

We could have missed this!  And, I am so thankful that we didn't!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

We Could Have Missed This (Post #20)

This is what it looks like when we take Christmas card photos...

We Could Have Missed This (Post #19)

We Could Have Missed This (Post #18)

Paxton has an extended family full of people who love him...grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and even some friends who are like family!  We are so thankful for our extended family who love him so much!  Tonight, Pax and I had a great time watching Mills, Rob, and the rest of the Thomson Bulldogs win the second round of playoffs!  Pax loves his Uncle Stan!

(I posted this to Instagram on Friday, but I am just now posting here).

Thursday, November 17, 2016

We Could Have Missed This (Post #17)

During the adoption process we saw Paxton's photos and loved him the same way parents love their child when they see ultrasound photos or feel their baby kick.  We knew he was ours and we loved him so much before meeting him.  And, when Paxton was placed in our arms for the first time, it was just like when you birth a baby and the baby is placed in your arms for the first time.  I felt the exact same way in that moment of being handed my one year old son as I did when I was handed the sons I carried for 9 months.  Don't ever believe the lie that you cannot love a child that you did not birth the same way you would love biological children!  I am so thankful to get to love this sweet boy!  Loving him and being loved by him is a privilege!  I am the lucky one!

We could have missed this!

We Could Have Missed This (Post #16)

"There is no other love like the love FOR a brother.  There is no other love like the love FROM a brother."
-Astrid Alauda

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Playing Football

Connor and Kyle have been very interested in playing football lately.  They play in the backyard all the time lately, especially Connor.

I wanted to get a shot of all three of them in their Auburn jerseys, but first they asked me to take posed photos of them pretending to play football!

Connor "throwing" the ball...

Connor "running" the ball...

Kyle "catching" the ball...

And, finally, I got the shot of all three in their Auburn jerseys!

War Eagle!

We Could Have Missed This (Post #15)

2015 will always be one of my favorite years because it was the year Paxton was placed in our arms.  But, for Paxton, 2015 was full of HARD.  In January 2105, he had his first lip surgery at a hospital in China and then stayed in the hospital for two weeks.  In March 2015, he had his second lip surgery followed by two more weeks in the hospital.  In July 2015, his world changed forever when he left everything he had ever known including nannies, a foster mama and baba, a facility he considered home, the familiarity of smells and sounds, and his home country to become a son.  And in September 2015, he had his third surgery in nine months, his palate repair, followed by three weeks of liquid diet and three more of soft diet.  It was a hard year.  But, God uses the hard to bring redemption and healing and to teach love and family and trust.  I would never wish Paxton's 2015 on anyone, but I am thankful that God used it to build trust and love in Paxton for us and we are stronger because of it.


(This photo was taken less than two weeks after his palate repair surgery).

Monday, November 14, 2016

We Could Have Missed This (Post #14)




We started doing signs for I LOVE YOU several months ago at bedtime and Paxton quickly caught on.  He started doing it back to us at bedtime and now he does it whenever one of us leaves him (at church, with a babysitter, at bedtime, etc.).  It is one of my favorite things he does!  It is so sweet.  He does it to all four of us and at nap and bedtime, he will not go to bed unless he hugs everyone and signs I love you!

We Could Have Missed This (Post #13)

One of my all-time favorite pictures!  This is moments after being handed our SON.  What you can't see in this picture is that it was his two big brothers making him smile and laugh like this!

(Below are the words I wrote on the day of our orphanage visit, 2 days after this picture):

"In late June 2014, a tiny baby boy was found in a town about an hour and a half outside of Lianyungang, China and he was estimated to be about 10 days old.  He was taken to the Lianyungang Social Welfare Institute in Lianyungang City.  For the next 12 1/2 months, he was cared for, provided for, and loved on by nannies, but not by a mommy or a daddy.  However, 12 months and 26 days after his birth, he became a part of a forever family!  The family that will care for him, provide for him, love him and enjoy every single day with him!  He became Paxton William YuTao White, son of Jeremy and Kasey White, brother to Connor and Kyle White, grandson to Phil and Sonji Williamson and Bob and Ann White, nephew to many aunts and uncles, and cousin to many!  He will forever be loved!
We are so thankful to call Paxton our son!"

We could have missed THIS!
National Adoption Monnth
Orphan Sunday

Saturday, November 12, 2016

We Could Have Missed This (Post #12)

Yesterday, Paxton and I were watching our adoption video that I had put together after we came home.  When we came to pictures of us with his foster mama, I said, "Look, this is your foster mama who took care of you in China."  At the word mama, he pointed to me in the picture and said, "Mommy!" and then he looked at me with a huge smile, pointed at me and said, "Mommy!"  Yes, buddy, I am your Mommy!

Friday, November 11, 2016

We Could Have Missed This (Post #11)

Good to the last drop!


We Could Have Missed This (Post #10)

Doesn't he look like a little teenager here!?  He loved the zoo and watching all of the animals!

We could have missed THIS!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Zoo Day

Tuesday was a holiday for students in our county.  I had early voted last week, so the boys and I headed to the zoo for the day!

Our zoo has a huge new sea lion exhibit (well, new to us...we haven't been to the zoo in awhile!) that the boys really liked.

This was Paxton's first trip to the zoo since our visit to the zoo in China.  He loved looking at all of the animals.  He was fascinated with them and would ask for "more" animals over and over again!

Connor and Kyle enjoyed feeding the giraffes.  Connor has always been scared to feed them, but this time he really enjoyed it!


Look at Kyle's facial expression in the reflection!  Haha!! 

So thankful for a fun day at the zoo with my boys!