Monday, November 14, 2016

We Could Have Missed This (Post #13)

One of my all-time favorite pictures!  This is moments after being handed our SON.  What you can't see in this picture is that it was his two big brothers making him smile and laugh like this!

(Below are the words I wrote on the day of our orphanage visit, 2 days after this picture):

"In late June 2014, a tiny baby boy was found in a town about an hour and a half outside of Lianyungang, China and he was estimated to be about 10 days old.  He was taken to the Lianyungang Social Welfare Institute in Lianyungang City.  For the next 12 1/2 months, he was cared for, provided for, and loved on by nannies, but not by a mommy or a daddy.  However, 12 months and 26 days after his birth, he became a part of a forever family!  The family that will care for him, provide for him, love him and enjoy every single day with him!  He became Paxton William YuTao White, son of Jeremy and Kasey White, brother to Connor and Kyle White, grandson to Phil and Sonji Williamson and Bob and Ann White, nephew to many aunts and uncles, and cousin to many!  He will forever be loved!
We are so thankful to call Paxton our son!"

We could have missed THIS!
National Adoption Monnth
Orphan Sunday

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