Tuesday, November 15, 2016

We Could Have Missed This (Post #15)

2015 will always be one of my favorite years because it was the year Paxton was placed in our arms.  But, for Paxton, 2015 was full of HARD.  In January 2105, he had his first lip surgery at a hospital in China and then stayed in the hospital for two weeks.  In March 2015, he had his second lip surgery followed by two more weeks in the hospital.  In July 2015, his world changed forever when he left everything he had ever known including nannies, a foster mama and baba, a facility he considered home, the familiarity of smells and sounds, and his home country to become a son.  And in September 2015, he had his third surgery in nine months, his palate repair, followed by three weeks of liquid diet and three more of soft diet.  It was a hard year.  But, God uses the hard to bring redemption and healing and to teach love and family and trust.  I would never wish Paxton's 2015 on anyone, but I am thankful that God used it to build trust and love in Paxton for us and we are stronger because of it.


(This photo was taken less than two weeks after his palate repair surgery).

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Kimberly said...

Such a hard year! Wow. Blessings on that cutie pie. Thanking God for how smoothly he bonded with you throughout. So beautiful.