Sunday, December 18, 2016

China Reunion Fall/Winter 2016

On Saturday, we had our third China Reunion with our buddies that we got to know in China who adopted children the same age as Paxton.  We went to Atlanta to the home of one of the couples, ate pizza, decorated cookies, and played, and played, and PLAYED!  The kids all had so much fun!  As soon as we left, Kyle asked when we could go back!

Our usual picture of all three mamas with all three babies sitting in the same order as we sat in China at the zoo!  Look at these cuties!

Courtney's little boy as Batman Chewbacca!

Paxton spent a lot of time fussing with Ruby over toys!  

Anne Marie!

We are so thankful for our China buddies and loved spending the day with them!  6 parents, 10 kids, a lot of laughter, playing, and fun!  It was a great day!

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