Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Caroling

Our Monday night small group decided to take our kids out Christmas Caroling to some of the senior adults from church.  The big kids rode on a church mini-bus and I drove separately with Paxton (another Mom drove separate, too, with her toddler).  The kids did a great job and the senior adults LOVED seeing them!

Unfortunately, the kids were given big round peppermints by the couple at the first house.  While Jeremy and I tried to hold a crying Paxton down to buckle him (because he was mad that he couldn't ride on the bus), Kyle told one of the other dads that he needed to find his daddy.  Jamie took Kyle off the bus to get to us and Kyle threw up!  So, our night was cut short.  Thankfully though, Kyle is fine.  We think that the peppermint just made him gag because he didn't like it and he ended up throwing up.  He slept fine last night and was perfectly fine all day today.  

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