Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Part 2

We headed to Huntsville on the Wednesday after Christmas to spend a few days with Mimi and Bobbles, Jeremy's brothers, sister-in-laws, and nieces.  We had such a great time!

Millie is obsessed with unicorns, so last year Abby found a one piece adult size unicorn outfit!  Evie now has a unicorn PJ one piece, too, so they wore them together!  So cute!

Waiting to receive stockings from Mimi and Bobbles!

Mimi planned a Christmas play with all of the kids!  It was precious!  She read the Christmas story while the kids acted it out.  Millie was Mary.  Evie was Joseph.  Harper was an angel and when she raised her arms the heavenly host of angels were hanging from her arms!  Connor, Kyle, and Paxton were shepherds and then wise men.  This was probably my favorite part of the whole week!  They were all so cute!

Mimi drew beards and mustaches on all of the boys (and Evie since she played a boy!)!!!

We are so thankful for a really fun several days in Huntsville!  Mimi and Bobbles are always too good to all of us and make it such a fun trip!  

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