Thursday, January 5, 2017

Christmas Part 3 (Visiting the Tennessee Land)

Mimi and Bobbles bought some land on a mountain in Tennessee a little over a year ago.  They eventually want to build a cabin on it, but right now, it is just land.  But, it was definitely a favorite day for all of us last week!  The guys and Evie went up early to go shoot guns and the rest of us followed later in the morning in time for lunch.  We ate hot dogs, played, built forts, road the Club Car and Polaris around, hiked around a little, and had a great time!

Ann made awesome signs throughout the land giving each grandchild a specific area that is named for them.  There is Harper's Holey Hole (an old well), Evie's Arch, Millie's Marsh, and then our boy's...

Kyle's Cliff 

Paxton's Puddle

and, Connor's Crook!



We had a great day at the land!  Everyone had such a great time and we can't wait to get to go back again!

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