Friday, January 6, 2017

Connor's Ninth Birthday

We celebrated Connor's ninth birthday in Huntsville on Sunday.  We started off with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  Then, we went to Connor's Restaurant at Bridge Street in Huntsville.  Connor's is one of our Connor's favorite places because he says it is named after him and because they have popcorn shrimp (his favorite)!  While eating at Connor's, Paxton saw the little train go by out the window and started crying because he wasn't on the train!  So...of course, we went for a train ride after lunch!

Later, we had poppyseed chicken for dinner followed by cupcakes and presents!  

I love this one!

Last Christmas, Connor asked for a rhinoceros for Christmas.  He would tell everyone that he wanted a real one, but obviously that was not an option, so we gave him a small toy one.  He has already made a list of what obscure thing he wants for Christmas over the next several years all of which are more and more random and more difficult to find.  This year, he decided he wanted a vulture for Christmas.  Unfortunately, I did not find him a vulture for Christmas, but I told him I would keep looking.  At Christmas in Atlanta with the White family, he told everyone about his desire for a vulture.  Aunt Francis took note of this and when she returned to Huntsville for a visit with Bob and Ann, she set about making his Christmas wish come true!  She made him cookie vultures and Ann presented them to him on his birthday!

Thank you, Aunt Francis!!!

Connor wanted to go somewhere with a friend for his birthday, so today, I took Connor, Kyle and one of Connor's friends to Air Strike, the local trampoline indoor park.  We had never been before, but they all had a great time!  

Kyle's favorite area was this tight rope!  Connor did it once or twice, but Kyle did it over and over and over again!  They both really enjoyed the obstacle course activities!

I still cannot believe that I have a nine year old!  It has gone by way too fast!

Happy Ninth Birthday, Connor!  We love you!

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