Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy Ninth Birthday, Connor!

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!

You are smart, funny, imaginative, thoughtful, creative, silly, handsome, inquisitive, and so much more.

 I am so thankful that God gave me you and He allows me to be your mother.  I am so thankful that you are the big brother in our family and that you have two little brothers who look up to you and adore you!  I am so thankful that God made you exactly who you are!

I still see in you the little boy who is playful and imaginative.  I see the little boy who loves stuffed animals and being silly.  I see the little boy who loves Legos and can create a small city or zoo or dinosaur land out of any blocks.  I see a little boy who will still calls me Mommy and who will snuggle to show love.

But, I am seeing more and more of the big boy, the future teenager, the future young man who is thoughtful and who considers every angle to everything.  I see the young man who could become a great engineer or a strong leader or a gifted teacher.  I see a young man who can change the world with his kindness and creative ideas.

I am so thankful for who you are and who you are becoming!  This past year was a big year for you.  You are now not only my son, but my brother in Christ.  You chose to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  I know that God is continuing to work in your life and He will do so throughout your life.  He will make you into the man he wants you to be as long as you are willing to allow Him to work in your life.  He loves you so much!  He loves you so much that He died on the cross so that you may know Him!

 I pray that God will reveal to you His plans for you and that you will use the gifts that He has given to you and that He will continue to reveal to you so that you will glorify Him each and every day of your life!  I pray that this next year will be a year of growth spiritually for you and that you will be used by God in your school, with your friends, and even within your family!

YOU are an awesome kid!  You are fun to be around for adults and kids!  You are a great brother.  You are the best big brother we could ask for your brothers.  Kyle is one of your best friends, but he also looks up to you and adores you!  He wants to be like you which really is a huge compliment to you even though it drives you crazy sometimes!  Paxton loves you so much!  You are great with him!  You love to get him up in the morning and play with him before I even get out of bed.  You are great at helping me with him!  I am thankful that you get to be the big brother in our family.  May you always show kindness and compassion to your brothers so that they will have a great example in you!

I cannot believe that you are nine years old!
We hope that you have a great day today!

Happy Ninth Birthday, Connor!  We love you and adore you!

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