Monday, April 24, 2017

On the Mend

Sorry, but I don't have any photos from this past week to share!  None.  I don't think I even picked up my camera.  While we were at Disney, I came down with a cough.  The day before we left for Disney, I felt achy and like I was coming down with something, but once we were there, I felt fine, but I had several days of a hoarse voice and I started a deep cough.  I've had it for three weeks now, but overall, I've felt completely fine.  Well, throughout last week, the boys all started coughing.  On Monday night, Kyle couldn't sleep and later told me that his ear hurt, so I took him to the doctor on Tuesday and he had an ear infection.  However, he got over it immediately and was fine.  But, then on Wednesday, Paxton started feeling bad.  He ended up with a fever for three days.  Other than his stomach virus last year in Arizona, Paxton has not been sick since coming home other than a couple of runny noses that lasted only a couple of days each.  He had never run a fever and had never had an antibiotic until last week.  We are so thankful for his good health!  And, we are so thankful that we were the ones who got to hold and snuggle him and comfort him when he felt bad last week!

Connor had state testing last week on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  It was so important for him to be well and be at school!  He felt great Wednesday and Thursday morning, but when I picked him up on Friday, he did not look like he felt well.  He did not have a fever when we got home, but I could tell he felt terrible, so I gave him Motrin.  He felt better once it was in him.  He was not 100% on Friday morning, but he seemed okay to go to school.  I asked his teacher to let him know if I should come get him after testing (or before if he got worse quickly).  Well, after testing, she emailed me that he said he wanted to stay at school and he felt okay.  They were having an ice cream party and someone brought cupcakes, so I believe that was his motivation.  However, when I picked him up, he looked awful and felt awful!  I think he had felt well until about lunchtime, but he quickly went downhill, but didn't tell his teacher.  He ended up having P.E. and having to run.  Poor Connor!  Because of the ice cream (and he didn't even eat the cupcake...he must have felt bad!), his stomach was hurting when school was over and as soon as we got home, he threw up!  After some rest and Motrin, he felt better, but he continued running a low-grade fever through Saturday.  By Sunday, he was feeling better!

This morning, I thought everyone was all well and we headed to school.  But, after I dropped Connor off and headed to Kyle's school, Kyle threw up (all over the van)!  He is fine now.  I believe it was the drainage from his cough that made him feel sick.  He said that he's been feeling sick in the mornings in the van and when I asked if it has just been since he has had a cough, he said yes.  He came home and has been eating and playing all day!  So, I really believe we are all on the mend!

And, I have cleaned the van thoroughly...including a trip to the car wash to run the mats through the mat cleaner after thoroughly cleaning them at home!

Hopefully I will snap a few photos this week now that we are doing more than watching TV and napping!

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