Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Break - Disney World - Epcot

Thursday was our Epcot day.  I honestly thought Epcot day would end up as a half day with us just going back for our dinner reservations.  A lot of people told us that they did not really care for Epcot.  Well, we loved Epcot! Connor and Kyle really loved Epcot!  Unfortunately, it probably was not the most fun day for Paxton.  There was only one ride that we did that he could do, the Finding Nemo ride, but he was such a good sport everywhere we went.  The big boys did several rides and loved them.  They were some of their favorite rides of the whole week!  We ended up staying at Epcot for 12 full hours before we left!

This was our view across the lake to the Boardwalk as we walked to Epcot.  The back entrance to Epcot was next to our hotel, less than a five minute walk!  It rained all morning and we waited about five minutes in the lobby of our hotel to let the rain stop.  Then, it never rained again all day!  The clouds quickly moved out and we had a beautiful 75 degree day at Epcot.

Half of Augusta was at Disney World last week!  At least 6 out of the 18 kids in Kyle's class were going to Disney plus his assistant teacher!  We ran into a few friends throughout the week including Kyle's best friend at school, Wyatt!  They were so excited to see each other at Epcot!

Paxton took a good, long nap in the stoller as we walked around the countries part and then continued it while we waited for Connor, Kyle, and Jeremy to do a ride.  

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