Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Break - Disney World - Magic Kingdom

We started off our second park day with an early breakfast at Chef Mickey.  Paxton talked big about meeting Mickey ("big Mickey" he would say) and waving to him and high fiving him before we went on the trip.  However, he was way too scared to even have a picture made with the characters!  He was okay watching them from a distance and letting Connor and Kyle take pictures with the characters, but he did not want to be near them at all!

After breakfast, we headed into the Magic Kingdom to start our day at the park!

Connor did not want to ride the teacups so we watched the other three.

Paxton loved the rides, especially the outside rides and rides that went fast!

He also loved the carousel!  He and I went on the carousel while Jeremy, Connor, and Kyle rode the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  However, it started raining while we were on it.  We rode it a second time without a wait because of the rain, but our stroller was outside during the rain and got soaked!  The other guys were stuck at the Mine Train because they shut that ride down during the rain.  The rain stopped, so Paxton and I headed out to find another ride, but soon the rain started back again.  We headed into a store and sat on the floor with lots of other people to wait out the rain.  Connor, Kyle and Jeremy were still at the Mine Train.  Eventually, Paxton fell asleep on me and when the rain stopped, the other guys met up with us and he woke up.

Since the rain had stopped, we headed out for more rides.

Paxton loved the Barnstormer roller coaster and Dumbo!  

Later, we had reservations at a restaurant in the park and then we did a few more rides before heading back to the hotel late!

Our first Magic Kingdom day and our second full park day was great!  The boys LOVED the rides, especially the roller coasters!  The rain didn't dampen our spirits at all and we had two really great meals that day.  Definitely a successful Magic Kingdom day!

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