Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Break - Disney World - Magic Kingdom

Our last day at Magic Kingdom started early!  The park opened earlier than normal and the boys really wanted to ride Space Mountain.  We didn't have a fast pass for it, so we figured if we went early we would be able to ride it without much wait.  Because we had Paxton with us, we were able to take advantage of Disney's ride swap policy on the big rides that Paxton couldn't do.  This meant that Jeremy or I could ride something with Connor and Kyle and we could receive a ride swap ticket to allow the other adult to ride with them later without having to wait in the regular line.  You would go back through as a fast pass rider.  Sometimes we would immediately swap, but sometimes, we would wait awhile or even til the end of day to take advantage of the swap.  The boys got to ride twice as many rides this way without much wait!

While Jeremy took Connor and Kyle to Space Mountain (which they loved!), I took Paxton to do the Buzz Lightyear ride again.  Later, we all rode the race cars together and then we split up again for Jeremy to take Connor and Kyle to Big Thunder Mountain and for me to take Paxton to the Barnstormer and Dumbo.  Paxton was able to ride both twice and the big kids were able to ride Big Thunder Mountain.  Unfortunately, Splash Mountain was closed for some reason that day and we were never able to ride it.

Because we went early, we were able to do several rides without fast passes without much wait.  Later that morning we used fast passes on some rides and explored some more.  

For lunch, we ate at the Beauty and the Beast Castle at the restaurant Be Our Guest.  For dinner, it is a table service restaurant, but for breakfast and lunch, it is considered counter service (under Disney's meal plan), but you still have to book it 6 months in advance with a reservation!  Thankfully my friend Annette told me the day before to order our meal online so that we did not have to wait in that line and we could immediately be seated to wait on our food!  This saved us a lot of time.  

After a few more rides, we realized that the crowds were getting super thick and the boys were all really tired.  We decided to go back to the hotel so that Connor and Kyle could rest and Paxton could nap.  After resting and napping, we headed back to the Magic Kingdom to take a boat ride over to the Polynesian hotel to go to our last dinner at Disney at Ohana.

After dinner, we headed back to the park to do a few more rides!  We still had the ride swap passes from Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain and we were able to get a fast pass for Jeremy to take Paxton on a ride.  After a few more rides, at close to 11 PM, we said goodbye to the Magic Kingdom one last time!

Saturday morning we woke up and packed up to head back home!

We had a great Disney World trip and we really enjoyed our time together during Spring Break!  I adore our little family and love spending time on trips with them!

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