Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Break - Disney World - Pool Day

We planned that Wednesday would be an off day from the parks.  We knew that the parks would be exhausting for all of us, so a day at the hotel would be nice.  We also wanted a chance to be able to use the pool at the hotel.  When we booked the hotel, we knew it had a nice pool, but since coming home I have found out that the pool at The Beach and Yacht Club is considered the best pool at Disney!  And, we loved it!  The pool area was huge!  There were deep pools, shallow pools, a lazy river, a huge slide, a small slide, a beach area that went into a shallow pool, a poolside restaurant, and so much more.  We showed up about the time the pool opened and stayed most of the day.

Kyle is like a fish.  He wants to be underwater all the time!

We ate lunch at the pool with the plan that one of us would take Paxton up for a nap after lunch.  Jeremy headed up with a very upset Paxton after lunch only to return to the pool a short time later!  He couldn't handle Paxton's pitiful crying about leaving the pool, so he made him a deal that they would come back and swim for a little while and then go back up for a nap.  Surprisingly, Paxton did great going back up later!

Connor and Kyle and I stayed at the pool for awhile and then we got milkshakes and ice cream at Beaches and Cream that was next to the pool.  Yum!  They were good!

After the pool, we took showers, woke up Jeremy and Paxton, and headed to Disney Springs to eat at the T-Rex Restaurant.

After dinner, we took some time to play at the Lego Store.

Our Pool Day was so much fun!

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