Thursday, April 27, 2017

This Week

When Mommy forgets your shoes when we go to baseball practice, you get to watch Mickey Mouse in the van.  Oops!  At least I had Connor and Kyle's cleats!

We missed two sessions of speech because of everyone being sick.  Paxton was excited to go back on Wednesday and loved playing with the bubbles!

On Wednesday night, we gathered with some of Jeremy's work friends to have dinner and play badminton with one of their Chinese co-workers who has been working here the past few weeks.  We had gone to lunch with him on Easter Sunday, so our kids already knew him and they were looking forward to seeing him again.  He loves badminton, so we set up our badminton set for everyone to play and the guys had an "intense" competition without kids at one point!  

Kyle had a good time throwing balls over the roof!  

And, Paxton was really upset when the men played a match and he wasn't allowed to play!

Connor LOVES badminton!


It has been a fun week!

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