Friday, May 12, 2017

Muffins with Mom

Kyle's class hosted Muffins with Mom on Friday in honor of Mother's Day and it was so sweet!  They had gifts for us, sang us a song, and we ate muffins together.  They had also done an "All About My Mom" page where they filled in blanks about their moms.  Here are Kyle's answers!

"My mom is 36 years old."  - Good job, buddy!

"She has green eyes and black hair."  

"Her job is my mom works at home."

"She loves to eat sandwiches."

"Her favorite drink is Gatorade." - When do I drink gatorade!?!

"She is really good at driving." - Hahahaha!!!!

"She always says I love you." - I pray that they will always know that I love and adore them!!

"She is happy when we go to the beach."  - Well, yes I am!!!  Let's go!!

"She is SUPER because she is fun."

I love this boy so much!!  Such a great Mother's Day celebration!

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