Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Atlanta Weekend - Day 2 and Day 3

Day 2 of our Atlanta Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Happy Father's Day, Happy Summer Weekend was FULL!  Saturday was Paxton's birthday, too!  He is three now!!  We packed a lot in on Saturday, but had such a great time!  We stayed at a hotel near the everything that we were doing the rest of the trip, so we were able to walk everywhere on Saturday.  Originally, we only planned to go to two attractions on Saturday, but we had enough time to get three done, so we did.  

We started our day in the morning at the Georgia Aquarium.  We sent a couple of hours there before everyone started getting hungry.  We decided to get stamps that would allow us to come back later in the day and we headed out for lunch.

Kyle and Paxton wanted to show off their stamps on their arms for these pictures!

After lunch, we headed to the College Football Hall of Fame.  We really enjoyed our time there!  I could have spent hours there reading every little display!  Many of the displays are interactive with your "ticket".  At the beginning, you are given a neck lanyard with a ticket attached that you associate with your favorite football team.  Throughout the museum, your ticket gives you access to games, information, and activities that can be associated with your team.  It was a lot of fun!

Here, the boys took pictures of themselves and then face painted on the screen!

On this one, you watched a video screen and did different assessments to see how high you could jump, how fast you could run, and how agile you could be. 

War Eagle!

At the end, there is a big football field and you could do different skills.  You could do field goal kicks, an obstacles run where you catch a ball at the end, and a passing target test.  They boys loved this part and did the obstacle run over and over and over again!

After the College Football Hall of Fame, we went down the road to the CNN Center and signed up for a time for a CNN Studio Tour.  We had about an hour to wait until our tour, so we sat and had milkshakes from Chick-fil-a for a little while.  We did our tour and it started raining during it, so when we finished, we sat and waited for a little bit for the rain to die down some.  It was late afternoon by this point, but since we had snacked on milkshakes, we were not hungry yet!  We headed back to the Aquarium to see a few things that we had not had a chance to see earlier.  It was less crowded by this time, so we were able to move through easily.

We headed to a pizza restaurant for dinner.  It was great and we all enjoyed a little bit of sitting after a busy day!

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel and celebrated Paxton's birthday with cupcakes and presents!  He loved the attention and loves when everyone sings to him!

Spending the day together was a great way to celebrate our baby's birthday!

We woke up Sunday morning on Father's Day.  I surprised Jeremy with the shirts that the boys are wearing.  They say "I LAUGH AT DAD JOKES"!  We all thought they were cute!  We headed to the World of Coke for our last adventure.

The boys were thrilled to be given Cokes as soon as we walked inside!

We enjoyed the World of Coke and we all especially enjoyed tasting the drinks from around the world at the end of the tour!

Our weekend trip was so much fun!  I highly recommend a trip to Atlanta with the Atlanta City Passes!  Thank you, Sunshine and Granddaddy for our tickets!  We loved going everywhere!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Atlanta Weekend - Day 1

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday Paxton, Happy Father's Day Daddy, Happy Summer Everyone!

We headed to Atlanta on Friday morning for a Christmas/Birthday/Father's Day/Summer trip!  My parents gave us Atlanta City Passes for Christmas and we used them this weekend.  We were able to go to five different Atlanta attractions!  We went to Zoo Atlanta, The Georgia Aquarium, the College Football Hall of Fame, a tour of the CNN studios, and The World of Coke.  We stayed at a hotel right by the Aquarium and we could walk to everything except for the zoo, so we started our trip on Friday with the zoo.  We drove to Atlanta and arrived at the zoo before lunch.  We had such a great time at the zoo.  We have a great zoo in Columbia that is about an hour away and we had never been to the zoo in Atlanta as a family.  In fact, I was Connor's age the last time I went to Zoo Atlanta and it was for a Girl Scout trip where we were able to spend the night at the zoo!  This zoo was similar in size as the Columbia Zoo, but it did have pandas and we were excited to see them.  There were two baby pandas that were less than a year old!  There were also a bunch of gorillas, including a tiny baby gorilla and some kid size gorillas that were fun to watch!

Connor and Kyle and I were able to do the rock wall and Connor did the ropes coarse and loved it!  I don't have pictures of either right now, but there are some on mine or Jeremy's phone that I will have to upload.  We had such a great time at the zoo!

After the zoo, we headed the rest of the way into Atlanta and checked into our hotel.  After settling in, we headed to The Varsity to meet my parents for dinner to celebrate Paxton's birthday that was the next day.  My wonderful mom made cupcakes for him!  If I had made them, they would have had to sit in the hot car at the zoo all day, so my mom made them and brought them up!  I am so thankful for her and all she does for us!  In fact, my mom and my aunt  came last week and packed up my kitchen and dining room for our move!  Yes, I have the best mom and aunt around!!

So, we celebrated Paxton's birthday with my parents and Paxton was a big fan of the cupcakes!

Our first day of our Atlanta adventure was so much fun!