Thursday, June 1, 2017

First Day of Summer Break

Well, technically yesterday was the fifth day of summer break, but we started our summer off by making an offer on a house, trying to get our house ready to go on the market, and two kids throwing up!  So, I really feel like we started Summer Break yesterday!

We headed to the park to play in the water and eat lunch while the realtor and his photographer came to the house to take pictures.


For some reason Paxton decided to take his swim shirt off in the middle of playing.  

It looks like he has a "belly" here, but he has NO hips or booty and his 18-24 month shorts are only staying up with the help of his swim diaper! 

Swinging his hair!!

He loves to hang here!  And he can hang for a LONG time!

Jeremy had to go to dinner last night with an out of town supplier, so the boys and I ate dinner at home and then headed to the playground for a little evening fun!  This time we went to the other park near us! Two parks in one day scored me some major mom points with the boys!

The ice cream truck was parked at the park, so they all picked some ice cream.  As you will see, Paxton and Kyle's was super messy!

Look at that hand and arm!!

Our "first" day of summer was a big success and so much fun!

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