Saturday, June 17, 2017

Happy Third Birthday, Paxton!

Happy Birthday, Paxton!

We are so incredibly blessed by you!  We never imagined that such a BIG personality could come from such a tiny body, but you are full of personality!  You are funny and silly and happy and creative!

You adore your brothers so much!  And, they adore you!  You often think that you are in charge and you are offended when you don't get your way with Mommy and Daddy and with Connor and Kyle!

You have learned so much this year and have grown so much!  You have done so well at speech therapy and your speech is improving so much every day.  Although you still struggle with some sounds, you have a huge vocabulary!  You are forming more and more sentences and you are able to communicate better with all of us and with babysitters and teachers at church.  We are so excited for all that you have accomplished and we know that you will continue to accomplish so much!  We are so very proud of you and how far you have come!

You know almost all of your letters and the sounds that many of them make.  You are counting and can identify many of your numbers.  You know shapes and colors.  You like coloring, but you really love to cut with scissors!

A couple of months ago I worried that you would not be potty trained in time to go to K3 in August, but you have come so far!  You wear underwear almost all the time now (except during nap and at night) and you do a great job telling us when you need to go potty most of the time.  You have been the easiest of our boys to potty train and Mommy appreciates it!

You are learning and understanding your story a little more.  You love to say that you are from China and that Mommy and Daddy came to get you!  We talk about your adoption often and we even wrote you a book that tells how we adopted a Super Hero named Super Paxton!  We hope that you will always know that you are BRAVE and STRONG and that you were fearfully and wonderfully made by God!  And, we hope that you always know that you are loved and adored by us!

You will go to K3 preschool in the fall and you are so excited!  I think you will do great!  A year ago you were still struggling with being left in childcare at church, but last fall you turned the corner and started loving church and your classroom.  You run down the hall to your class now and you have no problem saying good bye!  You are always excited when we pick you up and you love to show us what you made and tell us what you did!  You know the other kids at church and you can always tell us if certain kids were there or not.  You are also well know by the other kids!  They all say hi to you when they see you in the hall or when you get to class!

You are sweet!  When Connor or Kyle get hurt or are upset, you immediately go get their stuffed puppy for them!  And, you have at some time assigned two of your stuffed animals as Mommy and Daddy's.  If we are ever laying with you in the bed or if you get in our bed early in the morning, you pass out the animal you assigned to us so that we have our stuffed animal.  One of your puppies is Mommy's puppy and your Mickey Mouse is Daddy's Mickey!

You pay attention to details and you notice when something is out of place or different.  If something isn't right, you start saying "Uh-oh, Uh-oh" until it is fixed or until we explain what happened.

You have been so excited about your birthday.  For the last couple of months, we have had to pray to God to thank him for your birthday almost every night!  We have been singing the Happy Birthday song at bedtime a lot, too!  And, you tell everyone that you are about to be three!

We love you!  We are so thankful to get to celebrate your third birthday with you!  We are so thankful to have watched you grow and to have watched your personality blossom this year!  

Happy Birthday, Paxton!
We love you!

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