Sunday, June 4, 2017

Weekend Recap

So, I saw that Friday was "National Donut Day", so we decided we would surprise the boys after dinner by going to get Dunkin Donuts to take the the park!  As you can see, one child did not eat his vegetable at dinner and could not eat a donut.  He actually took it very well, surprisingly!

Saturday morning we had to be out of the house early for a showing, so we headed to CFA for breakfast followed by a Target run.  Later that morning as we just played around the house, we got a text from our realtor asking if the people could come back for a second viewing asap.  Yes, please!!  So, we hurried out of there and headed to the pool!  Later in the day, Jeremy did some yard work and the boys and I headed to the park for a little while.

...and he really didn't realize that he would have TWO space shuttle buddies for life!  

We had a great weekend and hate that it went by so fast!  

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