Monday, July 31, 2017

Beach Portraits

Every year at the beach I try to take pictures of the kids.  They are always some of my favorites and I love to see the changes in them year after year.  I went out (with the help of Jeremy who can always get the kids to smile!) one evening on a night that we were eating dinner at the house.  I only shot pictures for 10 or 15 minutes, but I love the ones I got!

The next morning Ann asked if we could try to take a family photo that night, so we all headed out for a family photo before dinner.  This is our first family photo of all 14 of us!  We haven't done one since before Paxton and probably even before Millie!

And, I was able to get a few of everyone else, too!

White Family Beach Trip 2017

We had a fabulous week at the beach with nine other members of the White Family last week!

We had this little "river" that ran in front of our beach chairs that changed daily.  It was pretty deep the first day, but became more shallow every day after.  The water was not clear like the ocean water, but it was a great place for the kids to play easily.  They had a great time in it!

One morning Jeremy took the boys out fishing, but the ocean was too rough to fish, so they tried to fish in the little "river".  They didn't catch anything, but they had a great time!  And, I loved these two pictures!

Uncle Andy and Kevin had his hair "fixed" by Evie and Millie!


Naptime on the beach!  On Friday, we skipped nap so that we could spend as much time at the beach on the last day as possible.  But, after a little while, Paxton asked to take a nap.  I put a towel down on the ground and he fell right to sleep!

Thank you, Bob and Ann, for a wonderful week at the beach!  We had such a great time and can't wait to go again!