Tuesday, July 18, 2017

China Reunion - July 2017

Two years ago we met some wonderful adoptive families in China.  We have been blessed to stay in touch with some of them over the last two years and we have gotten together with them twice a year since.  On Saturday, we headed to Atlanta to meet up with everyone for a pool day.  Originally we were supposed to go to the lake with everyone, but due to weather and other circumstances, we decided a pool day in Atlanta made more sense.  Unfortunately, Jeremy couldn't go with us at the last minute.  Our AC went out the night before (yes, in our new house) and we decided that he would stay home and have the AC repairman come so that we would not come home to a 90 degree house.  

We are so thankful for these two families and the friendships we have.  We love that Paxton can grow up knowing other little ones who were in China at the same time as him and who have experienced some of the same things as him.

We take this photo every time we get together to recreate one we took in China.  Do you think Paxton will still sit in my lap when he is 18!!??

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