Friday, August 25, 2017


We love our new home!  And, we love our new neighborhood!  We moved in early July from the home where we had lived for 9 1/2 years, the home where we brought home three babies, the home where we grew as a family, the home where we loved, laughed, and cried!  But, it was time for us to move.  We wanted a little more space as our family has grown from 0 kids (I was pregnant when we bought that house) to three kids who just keep getting bigger every day.  

We had looked at houses for months and months.  We had actually gone to look at the first house we were interested in last fall.  And, we got very serious about looking this past spring.  However, we did not want to sell our house too quickly and then have to settle for something that wasn't quite what we wanted or wasn't quite where we wanted it to be.  So, we waited to put our house one the market until we found the right house.  In May, on the last day of school (the Friday before Memorial Day), we went to see a house in the neighborhood behind Connor's school.  It was a neighborhood full of families with kids.  On our way to see the house, the kids and I prayed in the van on the way that God would make it clear to us if it was the house for us and that he would give us great neighbors that we could get to know.  We had been praying for neighbors for awhile because although we knew our neighbors at our old home enough to say hi to them, we never built relationships with them.  They had all lived in their homes for 20-30 years and had grown children, so there were never any neighbors for the kids to play with and with a busy road, we rarely played in the front yard. While at the house, we realized that the family across the street was one that I knew from church and that Kyle was friends with their son at church.  We were so excited to possibly have neighbors with kids our kids' ages!  After we look at the house, we loved the layout and felt like it had a lot of potential for us.  This house ended up being perfect for us and we made an offer the next day.  Five weeks later we were moving in and we have loved every day here since!

But, the biggest blessing has been the neighbors!  We are 10 houses away from Connor's best friend, so they go back and forth to each other's houses all the time.  We are across the street from the family from church and we have loved getting to know them better and our kids love playing together.  If one kids sees another out the window playing outside, the others head out, too!  There are always scooters zooming up and down the sidewalks (we love sidewalks!!!) or football games being played in the front yard!  About three weeks after we moved in, the house diagonally across the street sold and a new family moved in...they have six kids!  And, at the house next door to us is a little girl who was in Connor's class last year, so we have enjoyed getting to know her, her brother, and her parents.

Having neighbors with kids has been such a blessing to us!  We just love the sound of kids playing together and we love the feeling of community we have here!

We love so much about this new house and we have loved making it our HOME!

Monday, August 21, 2017

August Catch-Up

Whew...these first three weeks of August have been so busy!  And, I have only taken a few pictures here and there.  So, I'm playing catch up now.  

Paxton's first day of school was Tuesday, August 8th.  I did not get a great shot of him on that day, but here is the one I did get.  He was so excited!  And, he has done great!  His teacher has told me that she understands most of the things he says except when he gets super excited and starts trying to say a lot fast!  He participates in class and has fun with the other kids!  All of this makes this mama's heart happy!

At the end of the first week of school, my parents came to town and we went for ice cream after school.  Later that night, we went to Mills' scrimmage football game.

Soccer practice has started for the big boys.  Last week was so hot, so Paxton and I did our best to stay in the shade and stay cool!

One day last week Paxton and I headed to WalMart for some things and he saw some giant animal heads!  He kept saying "Panda" when he saw the box of heads, so he tried one on!

Today was the "Great American Eclipse"!  Paxton and I headed to Connor and Kyle's school to watch it with them. We started in Kyle's classroom and then headed down to Connor's.  We went outside with Connor for a little while, but I didn't get any pictures of him.  I hate that I don't have any of him from this day!  Before the moment of totality (which was about 99% here), Paxton and I headed to meet up with Kyle's class outside.  It was really neat to watch and to watch Paxton and Kyle watch it!

I'll try to do a better job keeping up the rest of the month!

Monday, August 7, 2017

First Day of School - 1st and 4th Grades

Paxton wanted his picture taken even though his first day isn't until tomorrow!

Kyle's Personality

These pictures are Kyle's personality in photos...

We sure love him!