Sunday, March 4, 2018

Chinese New Year Celebration

The Augusta Chinese Christian Fellowship group hosts a Chinese New Year party every year and they have invited adoptive families to come the last few years.  We haven't been able to attend until this year and I am so glad that we did!  It was so nice!  They really go out of their way to welcome and celebrate adoptive families.  We had never been, so we did not know what to expect, but it turned out to be such a fun night.  We showed up and they quickly directed us to our reserved seats.  They had spread the adoptive families out throughout the room with special reserved seats.  Then, the Chinese families sat with and around us so that we could talk to them.  They were so friendly and helpful and served so well!  They were constantly checking to see if we needed drinks or anything.  You could either come at 3:30 and learn how to make dumplings or you could just come at 6:00 for the dinner.  Making dumplings is a big deal for Chinese New Year, so they brought big pans of their freshly made dumplings out to us to eat as appetizers.  Kyle really liked them!  They served a buffet dinner of homemade Chinese food, with some pizza and cheese puffs thrown in for the picky kids!  The food was very good!  It was fun to see the variety.  As dinner ended, the entertainment began.  They had one adoptive family share their story and then they taught about some of the traditions of Chinese New Year.  They had a craft time for the kids to decorate a lantern with tape with the Chinese characters for "Fu" meaning Happy or Happiness.  The boys immediately came and hung theirs in their rooms!  Then, they had several performances.  There was a singer, a dancer, a Chinese Zither player, a group of three kids and one adult that did a waist drum dance, a group of the Chinese young girls that did a traditional dance, and the kids sang a song.  They did the entire program in Chinese and English and sang a couple of praise songs in Chinese.  They gave all of the children (biological and adopted) Chinese red envelopes which are traditionally given on Chinese New Year.  They contained a couple of real Chinese coins and a chocolate coin!  They also gave each adoptive family a gift bag when we left with a few items from Chinese like a fan, some candy, a comb and a picture.  It was such a neat experience for us and we loved being able to show this part of Paxton's culture to him.  We are so thankful that this group loves adoption and is supporting adoptive families keeping the Chinese culture strong for our children!

I didn't get many pictures, but here are a few.

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